The Alderwood Hydra for installations where high volume audiophile sound is required. sold as a complete installation kit including -2 Eros PRO speakers -2 Brass ball mounts -2 Eros PRO 3.81mm input connectors -Hydra V Bracket 4 ohm mono input -1/4 TS jack plug This kit allows you to either install the Hydra as a mono high power point source or install the 2 Eros PRO cubes separately with everything needed provided in the box. Adding some flexibility should an install not go to plan Available in heavy duty textured black, textured white, or our trademark satin clear timber finish This power house of a product takes the Alderwood range into much larger venues without sacrificing any of the sound quality or detail Alderwood has become renowned for. -low profile and architectural design blends in neatly across theatre stages as a front fill or for under balcony delay speakers. Only 7cm tall and 21cm wide it is unnoticeable compared with many traditional theatre speakers. -Free floating Eros pro mounting system keeps the vibrations from the individual cabinets isolated for crystal clear scaleable performance. Whilst providing increased shock absorption should it be dropped. -exceptional vocal clarity and coverage makes for a great low profile on stage monitor for artists that move across stage during performances. The smooth on and off axis frequency response helps to avoid feedback issues with microphones. -can be used in conjunction with subwoofers for incredibly detailed, installed front of house PA systems -perfect for high end audio upgrades in heritage buildings with speaker mounting restrictions. Weighing only 850grams when installed, can be mounted from existing lighting bars for an easy to install hidden PA system without the engineering headaches. The unique design of our handcrafted timber bracket allows for the 2 Eros PRO speakers to work seamlessly together and provide double the power output over a single Eros PRO. All while providing a smooth off axis response with no processing required for exceptional transient response. Covering the 150-20,000hz range it is integrated the same way as an individual Eros PRO and can be used as a way of easily extending system headroom should venue requirements change. Easily installed with supplied brass mounting system which which offers many mounting possibilities with the one bracket. Speaker inputs are provided by a standard TS jack plug which is supplied ready to terminate. High sensitivity and wide off axis efficiency effectively cover large rooms easily, making this 4 ohm speaker very easy to drive from a wide variety of amplifiers. As a rule of thumb we recommend an amplifier with at least 200watts per channel for adequate amplifier headroom for commercial use. Very little eq is generally required and will thrive in acoustically challenging rooms. The ultra lightweight diaphragm in the Eros PRO is capable of resolving many instruments simultaneously without blurring the sounds together to provide performances that your audience will never forget. Exceptional projection from our constant throw diaphragm sizing, reaches out to 32 meters over an 180x120 degree dispersion (Horizontal x Vertical) 2 V brackets used outdoors with nothing to reflect from will be 90 decibels at a 32 meter distance. Falling off a rate of 6db each time that distance doubles. ie 84db @64 meters, 78 decibels @128 meters. Standard requirements for Sound pressure level is at least 6 decibels above background noise. When used indoors or in a more enclosed space a natural boost from reverberant field provides a minimum gain of 6 decibels at distance effectively doubling the perceived volume level, in more reflective or untreated acoustic environments it is common to gain extremely high sound pressure accuracy over distance within 1-2 decibels venue variation with only a front of house install. Speaker placement and room layout will ultimately determine performance, installs in large rectangular rooms with speakers mounted high above the audience will net the best results. not sure about what you need? Give us a call to discuss your requirements 0419 097 092 Specifications: Impedance 4 Ohms 100 watts rms power handling Sensitivity 91db Frequency range 150-20,000hz Dimensions 21x12x7cm WDH Weight 700g (850g including Bracket) Beamwidth 180x120 degrees H/V Input connector: 1/4 TS Jack plug (supplied) Available in IP63 only Mounting system. Brass swivel mount (supplied) Operating temperature -18 - 42 deg C Peak output full range 110db Peak output with highpass 114db* *white noise 200hz highpass on a 24db oct slope recommended settings for maximum volume usage. More bandwidth can be used for lower volume needs.



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