Mitsubishi Electric EcoDan offers hot water and hydronic solutions in the one system, at Walsh Electrical we believe this system is a must for new home builders, paired with one of our many solar solutions this can provide heating and hot water solutions for next to nothing for running costs.  We are EcoDan certified installers and offer total home solution for energy effiecent products for your home.


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Walsh Electrical specialise in hydronic heat pump systems, this is where a heat pump (air conditioner) absorbs heat from the outside air and rejects that heat into water, through a heat exchanger, this water is circulated around your home or office through piping, heat exchange happens under the floor, concrete or timber floors, or radiator panels in your home.  This provides a passive heating solution, that is clean and silent.  Solar energy is a great way of reducing the running cost of the heating and cooling requirements of your home, also with the use of thermal storage tanks you can shift your nightime heating load to the day time while solar energy is producing power, thermal tank can be used to heat you home at night time.

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