CITY MULTI Y Next Generation

Introducing a new series of air conditioners with improved essential functions, advanced compressor and a streamline fan that meets energy-saving requirements. Mitsubishi Electric continues to improve air conditioning quality and provide its customers with next-generation solutions. The new structural design has a 4-face air induction design and improved core components, such as compressor and fan, significantly improving energy-saving performance.


New design

The new outdoor units of the YNW series adopt a four-sided heat exchanger mounted on the upper part of the module near the fan. The new design allows air to be taken in effectively increasing the heat exchanger’s efficiency.


Increased efficiency

New components have been added to improve energy-saving performance. Compared to the existing models, all the single modules in YNW Series have an improved EER. 
EER of the 40kW model (PURY-EP350YNW-A) is higher by approximately 20%.

Advanced “Low Noise” function

The "Low noise" mode can now be selected based on five different settings: 85%, 70%, 60% and 50% (values referred to ventilation speed). Noise attenuation is directly configurable from the control board of the outdoor unit (optional PAC-SC36NA connector required). The different settings can be chosen based on the installation needs (in applications with particular noise constraints). Capacity will be reduced when operating in Low Noise mode.

Static fan pressure modifiable up to 80 Pa

The static pressure of the outdoor unit fan can be set between 0-30-60 and 80 Pa allowing the unit to be installed even in positions that require a ducting of the air expelled from the fan. 
There is no drop in capacity when 80Pa External Static Pressure option is enabled.

Automatic Pump Down Function*

CITY MULTI YNW integrates with refrigerant leak detection systems.

*To detect refrigerant leak, a circuit that includes refrigerant leak detection sensor must be designed and prepared at site.

Maximum height difference increased up to 90 metres

Some models of outdoor units can operate with height differences of up to 90 metres without the use of optional kits and therefore additional costs. This simplifies and makes the design more flexible even in the tallest buildings.

Smooth auto-shift start-up mode

The smooth auto-shift start-up mode is a new operation mode on the outdoor unit, which can now be selected in addition to the conventional COP Priority mode (the system operates maximising efficiency) and Capacity Priority mode (the system works by maximising the power supplied). This new operating mode allows the system to operate in Capacity Priority mode for the first 30 minutes and then switches to COP Priority mode. Thanks to this, the system speeds up the timing of the process. This mode is an advantage especially during the start-up of the air-conditioning system (for example, if the system is re-started early in the morning).

Preheat defrost operation

The new YNW outdoor units are equipped with the Preheat defrost function which increases the air supply temperature before the system performs defrosting operations. This contributes to raising the room temperature before the start of defrost operation and prevents room occupant experiencing cold draught.

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