The new Eros PRO passive satellite speaker proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. Boasting more than double the power handling and output of the original Eros. The worlds most powerful speaker for it’s size. Setting new standards in clarity, detail and speed. Achieved through a new ultra lightweight alloy diaphragm with a moving mass of only 1.2 grams combined with an enclosure finely tuned to control and support driver excursion, allowing the high power magnet assembly to always have full control of the voice coil motion, resulting in servo-like precision at loud output levels. The unique cone profile has extremely accurate response both on and off axis allowing the Eros PRO to efficiently fill large areas with sound. The surface area of the diaphragm has been sized to the frequency ranges to be reproduced for a balanced and even projection of sound in both near field and far-field listening environments. Measuring 7x7x7cm and weighing only 285 grams, included is an architecturally designed brass ball mount bracket that allows for easy single fixture mounting with every angle possible due to its unique design. A finely tuned instrument designed from the ground up for absolute accuracy in vocal and instrument reproduction, yet designed to withstand the harsh conditions demanded of commercial usage. -floating driver mounting system keeps the driver isolated from the enclosure for reduced harmonic distortion. -high efficiency thermal management systems transfer heat from the inside of the cabient to the grill for rapid heat dissipation when used in hot environments or in direct sun exposure, the secondary heat management system moves air directly from the voice coil to the outside of the cabinet during situations of being overdriven. -Our simple heritage friendly single fixture mounting system allows for fast and permanent mounting, machined from solid brass billet with a staggering 180 degree range from the mounting surface, ensures you can always get the sound onto the audience. Easily adjusted and reusable should needs change. -8 ohm resistance can support cable runs of up to 70 meters, and 2 units can be run in parallel off a single amplifier channel. -no EQ or processors required to run the speakers for vocal or live sound usage, for high output requirements use basic highpass filters and some signal compression for best results. -Built in DC blocking circuit protects the speaker from pops and bangs, or old aging amplifiers with a DC current leak. -Wide off axis response and almost invisible baffle outperforms traditional speakers in efficiently covering large areas with decibel accuracy -Designed for constant throw, which means, bass, midrange and treble fall off at the same rate together maintaining tonal balance in the near field and far field. specifications: -Impedance 8 Ohms -50 watts rms power handling -Sensitivity 88db -Frequency range 150-20,000hz -Dimensions 7x7x7cm -Weight 285g (450g including Bracket) -Beamwidth 170 degrees -Input connector Phoenix Contact 3.81mm -Available in IP63 only -Operating temperature -18 - 42 deg C -Peak output full range 106db -Peak output with highpass 110db* * white noise 200hz highpass on a 24db oct slope. Recommended settings for maximum volume usage. More bandwidth can be used for lower volume needs. sold as individual units. requires wired connection to amplifier with a power range of 25-100watts per channel Not sure about what you need? Give us a call on 0419 097 092 to discuss your requirements.



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