If grid connection is expensive or just impractical then an off grid system can be installed, Walsh Electrical offer maintenance and expansion on existing systems and also offers design and installation service of new off grid installations.  We will meet with you and go over your energy requirements, at Walsh Electrical we also have our own whitegoods/heating and cooling store so we can advise you on the most effiecent appliances, and also best ways for heating/cooling your home and a great range of hot water solutions.  This range of whitegoods and knowledge of heating and cooling can help us offer a total solution for your off grid needs.

Off grid solar systems source solar from the sun through solar panels, these solar panels create energy, this energy is then consumed in the installation directly or can then be stored in batteries for use at a later time in the day when your peak electricity use is.  Most common now are lithium batteries which have come a long way in the last couple of years, with a variety of different system designs on the market these days we can customize a system to suit your application or budget.


Above are some inverter chargers, these are the battery inverter which is the heart of a off grid solar system.  The inverter on the left is the SP PRO and is made by Selectronics, Selectronics are an Australian company and the SP PRO product is made in Australia.  Selectronics have been around since 1964 and are market ledders in inovation and quality as proven testament to the SP PRO products durability and innovation. The inverter on the right is made by SMA, the product is call a SunnyIsland, SMA is a german company and was founded in 1981 the SunnyIsland runs reliably under even the most extreme conditions without compromising it efficiency, exceptionally high overload capacity ensures a safe electricity supply, even in critical situations, IP54 for operation even in extreme environments.

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