The Australian government offers incentives for businesses to install solar in the form of Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC) incentive.  

25kw solar system is a popular system in the area for commercial systems, as it lends itself to a easy connection to the national electricity grid. This system would be suitable for lots of small business and industry, like shops, offices, workshops, restaurants etc. It costs around $15,000.00 - $22,000.00 after STC incentive and will return around $4000.00 - $7000.00 depending feed in tariff, self consumption and site location.

If you are a large consumer of electricity with a large connection  you can install systems over 100 kw, these systems are call Large Scale which also are entitled to rebates which come in the form of LGC's, they are paid to you once your system has produced electricty and are based on the amount of power your system produces. 

Walsh Electrical offer a commercial solar installation service for small commercial up to ultility size solar farms.

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